Bays & Bows

Better By Design
Kensington HPP 5 bow gray roof adjusted Kensington HPP 5 Lite Bow 3 Casing Int

Kensington HPP’s bay, bow and garden windows expand your home’s space making it feel bigger and brighter. Our Bay, bow or garden windows can be can be designed with multiple windows in a variety of finishes, angles and window styles. Kensington HPP’s bay, bow or garden windows enhance your home’s view by adding openness and space.

Our high grade, furniture quality design utilizes contemporary construction materials combine with old world craftsmanship. We leave nothing to chance with our timber strand center mullions, real wood trims and unlimited options. Make your bay, bow or garden window stand out with designer seat boards, premium glass designs or roof systems that will distinguish your home from all others.

Kensington HPP Casement Bay Shingled Roof Kensington Casement Bay Int