About Kensington HPP

A Rich History of Vinyl Window Manufacturing

Kensington HPP was founded in 2013. While the company has a relatively short existence it was founded by purchasing a plant that began the development of residential replacement windows in western Pennsylvania back in 1971. In 1977, the factory decided to take their products to the next level, becoming one of the first companies to manufacturer custom vinyl windows. These custom-made products were known for their craftsmanship, durability and energy insulation. Customers stretching as far west as the Rockies to the entire eastern seaboard quickly adopted a saying that went:
“Kensington’s vinyl windows will be the last replacement windows you’ll ever need to buy.”

Throughout its rich history, the factory has always adopted the latest in window manufacturing techniques, including:

  • Suspended Film Technology. A layer of special film is suspended between two low conductivity spacers to create a lightweight, multichambered insulated glass unit (IG). This technology is critical to achieving higher performance across a broad spectrum of glazing characteristics.
  • Four Point Welding Technology. A computer-controlled welding machine fuses each corner of the frame and sash to its counterpart to create one single piece. This welding process eliminates air infiltration and unsightly joints. There are no screws or fasteners and each corner is milled smooth to provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance.
  • Computer Controlled Glass Assembly. Every piece of glass that goes into a window is cut to exact dimensions by computer controlled glass cutting equipment. Once cut, the lites are washed and fitted with a spacer system that provides the dead air space between the two glass panes. The newly assembled glass unit is fired over 200 degrees in an oven press that melts perimeter sealant and seals the glass to the spacer. The result is a clean, durable, airtight, hermetically sealed insulated glass unit.
  • Computer Controlled Routing System. A computer controlled robotic routing system cuts special slots in the frame to accept tilt latches, cam locks, keepers, and night latches.

The manufacturing mantra echoed four key words right from the start:

Dedication. Innovation. Quality. Pride.